Welcome to The Reaume Company

The Reaume Company is a southeastern Michigan insurance, and employee benefits firm.  We specialize in working with high net-worth individuals and businesses to help them achieve their financial objectives and risk mitigation.

The Reaume Company operates its business according to the following principles:

  • Our most important asset is our clients.
  • Our most important value is to adhere to the highest standards of  ethical behavior.
  • Our most important function is to enhance and preserve our client relationships through professional excellence.
  • In serving our clients, we shall recommend that course of action which we would apply to ourselves in a similar situation.

While maintaining the highest standards of expertise in a complex environment of regulatory laws and competing solutions, we provide our clients with tailored solutions.  Since our formation, we have remained committed to:

  • Long-term client relationships,
  • The highest standards of service, and
  • A highly trained staff with cutting-edge technology.